A BJJ Marriage

With Nick & Brittany Lee

Discussions of our lives as married Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners

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Imagine you just finished up open mat and a few of your favorite training partners are circled up against the wall.  You roll yourself over there and join the conversation at hand.  You’ll find that people will talk about anything after a good training session.  This is what our podcast is like.  Join us on the mats!

Latest Episode

083 - The Cloth Around Your Waist

We’ve been busy Lee’s training and traveling! Over the last few weeks, we’ve been to the Gentle Art Lifestyle Winter Jiu Jitsu Camp and a Chris Paines seminar. We traveled throughout the Gulf of Mexico on a fantastically relaxing cruise and cornered two young fighters through their novice MMA fights! After the fights, we were talking about different perspectives on the belts we tie our gi’s with and kept that conversation going in this week’s episode. How do you view the cloth around your waist?

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