A BJJ Marriage

With Nick & Brittany Lee

Discussions of our lives as married Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners

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Imagine you just finished up open mat and a few of your favorite training partners are circled up against the wall.  You roll yourself over there and join the conversation at hand.  You’ll find that people will talk about anything after a good training session.  This is what our podcast is like.  Join us on the mats!

Latest Episode

080 - How to Convince Your Wife to Train Jiu Jitsu with Trevor & Abby Schmidt

his week we are joined by special guests Trevor & Abby Schmidt! Trevor and Abby are another married BJJ couple and our teammates at Fluid Jiu Jitsu. Trevor has been training for almost two years and Abby just started recently! We dive into what keeps Trevor motivated to keep training and how he eventually persuaded Abby to join him on the mats.

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